About Our Kennels 

We are a 5 Star Rated Kennels and Cattery by Rugby Borough Council and licensed to board up to 114 Dogs at any one time. 
Our Kennels are available in a variety of sizes and we always book your dog into the most suitable sized kennel. 
Our standard sized Kennel is suitable for most breeds, we can also accommodate multiple dogs sharing from the same household. 

Key Features: 

Each Kennel is tiled or painted inside and we provide bedding to suit your dog's size and needs. 
Kennels are all heated to ensure all the dogs are warm and comfortable during the winter months. 
Your dog will have access to an outside run. The outside run is covered for protection from the rain and sun, giving the dogs space to move around and see what is going on around them. 
During the night, the hatch is closed to keep the dogs calm, safe and warm. 
Kennels are cleaned daily with a pet-safe disinfectant which kills viruses including kennel cough. 

Dog Walking 

All dogs are exercised during the day depending on their needs. 
Dogs are walked first thing in the morning whilst a member of our team is cleaning and again throughout the day. We also have a number of large outside runs which also have cover for protection from rain or sun. 
The dogs are exercised in an enclosed, secure, safe area and, where required on a long line. Dogs can be exercised in small groups. We provide toys and climbing frames for interest enrichment and stimulation. 

Food & Medications 

Our dogs are fed twice daily unless instructed otherwise by the owner. 
We ask owners are to provide their own food, however, we do stock a wide range of wet and dry foods should you wish to purchase food from us. 
We are able to administer all medications as instructed by the owner. 
Medication record charts are kept which are signed as and when medications are administered by the staff member. Medications are kept in a locked cabinet and labelled carefully. 

Get in touch! 

If you wish to enquire you can do so by phone 024 7654 4175, email or on our Facebook page. 

You will find a registration form on the website which you will be required to complete prior to your dog boarding with us. 

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